Fugazi Live Series

The first time I saw Fugazi was in 1991 at a church in Washington, DC.  I was pleased to see and hear that they lived up to their reputation for being an amazing live band, now there’s good news for fans of the legendary DC band.  Starting December 1st, the Fugazi Live Series, will be available on line.

From the NY Times:

The band fastidiously recorded almost every concert. After letting audio tapes for more than 800 shows languish in a closet for years, Fugazi has begun putting them all on its Web site, with the first batch of 130 shows going up next Thursday.

In keeping with its commercial principles of low prices and trust in fans, the shows’ suggested price is $5 each, with a sliding scale of $1 to $100, for the cheap or the philanthropic.

[video w="550"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7I_DjwbV1s[/video]

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