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Nirvana Unplugged

I am jacked about Weeping Elvis.

We may all disagree on many things, but I know for a fact that Nirvana’s performance on MTV’s Unplugged in 1993 fried the heads of every person we know.  I remember sitting in front of my cheap ass television with a deliciously hazy buzz on and just stared at the TV.  I am the sentimental type, and my eyes water when I see something beautiful.  I fought back many tears as I watched these punk rock gods bathe my soul with acoustic guitars, a cello, candles, and…oh my God, the Kirkwood brothers.

I was kind of looking forward to hearing what Lithium and In Bloom and even Smells Like Teen Spirit would sound like unplugged.  But they caught us all completely off-guard and busted out obscure covers by Bowie, the Vaselines, Lead Belly, and  the Meat Puppets.  I don’t need to describe what happened that night.  You were there too.

My favorite song was the last song, Lead Belly’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night?  Here it is.

Too cool that Cobain said Lead Belly was his favorite artist.  Here is Lead Belly’s version.

So that was 16 years ago.  I have climbed countless musical mountains since then.  But since December 14, 1993, I have yearned to get this high again.  I have not.  Have you ever yearned?  Sometimes I sit…and yearn.   I can’t help but wonder if I missed something.  If any of you know of an album issued since 12/14/93 that is better than or as good as this performance, I want to know about it.

I’m always listening.

Billie Joe MacAllister

P.S.  One of the great musical mentors of my life, Timothy Korth (he is on the team), handed me a Nirvana mix-tape in the spring of 1990, long before Geffen even considered signing them.  Thanks for that Tim.   I didn’t like it.

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