New Sleigh Bells: Born to Lose

If one were to ask pretty much anyone who has seen Sleigh Bells for their opinion of the band’s live show, and then reduce that review to the most common response, it would be something like: “They melt your face.”  And, indeed they do.

I feel fortunate to have seen them a handful of times — and been kicked out of one of their shows as well, (which is an entirely different story that involves lederhosen, steeplechases, and girls under the age of 21) — and to have had the opportunity to meet Alexis Krauss after one of those shows.  (She was as nice as they are rockin’, which is a considerable statement).

After canceling on Lollapalooza this past August to commence work upon another record, the first fruits of that labor have reached the InterWebs.  Enjoy.  Then….exhale.


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