The Raveonettes / The Stone Roses

The Raveonettes have long been one of my favorite bands, a group for which I was sufficiently inspired to drive up to Philadelphia to see a show at a small venue a few years ago. This was in addition to their D.C. show, of course.

Another road-trip worthy band is The Stone Roses, who recently re-re-formed and have announced preliminary plans for a 2012 tour and a new album.

Sune Wagner of The Raveonettes recently called attention to their cover of The Stone Roses’ classic I Wanna Be Adored” on their Facebook page, saying:

Been really excited about the Stone Roses reforming for a while now. I saw them in Copenhagen back in the days but unfortunately they were pretty terrible that night but they’re such an amazing band and I love them…Here’s our cover of “I Wanna Be Adored”, one of the best songs ever written. X Sune.”

Sune and Sharin Foo also put out one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas tunes a few years back, entitled, “The Christmas Song”.  Here are the two  aforementioned tracks, back-to-back.  Enjoy.






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