BANNED… Quebec???

Don Cherry may want to add another item to his list of things he doesn’t like about the Québécois….although given his views he just might be inclined to side with them on this issue.  According to his Facebook page, the (admittedly steamy and tattoo-rific) video for Toronto singer/songwriter Morgan Cameron Ross‘s song “My Brother Went to Prison” has been CENSORED in La Belle Province.

QUEBEC, of all places?  North America’s very own direct descendents of the French?  Descendents of the country that gave us Laetita Casta and Catherine Deneuve, who have appeared au natural more often than Lindsay Lohan? The same French that show the American equivalent of late-night Skinemax on over-the-air television during the dinner hour(s)?  Although the video strikes me as something of an homage to the artistic space between Patrick Demarchelier and Ellen von Unwerth, apparently le Gouvernement du Québec had more important things to worry about…like the fact that Les Habitants hired a coach who can’t speak their idiosyncratic form of Franglais. Sacre Bleu!

Do yourself a favor and use the “full-screen” option on the video.  You know, just so that you can see for yourself what exactly has the Québécois all hot and bothered.


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