Songs of Summer, continued

Leeroy Stagger merits a moment of your listening pleasure.

R.I.Y.L.:  Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, pretty girls in convertibles with the wind blowing through their hair as they drive by cornfields.

Here he is, live-to-tape from Brussels:


In a similar vein, I’ve previously pimped out Ron Hawkins to anyone who will listen.  The former lead singer of Canadian indie legends, The Lowest of the Low, released a brilliantly sparse alt-country record last year that was recorded in the basement of his Toronto rowhouse.  This is as indie as it gets, and his lyrics are often breathtakingly poetic. Additionally, Ron is becoming known for his paintings in recent years, more than a few of which I’ve acquired.

Track One on the album, Ten Kinds of Lonely, “The Devil Went Down“.

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