7/5/54 – The day Rock and Roll was invented

56 years ago, Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black were in Memphis at Sun Studios. They were working out a song called “That’s All Right”. Scotty Moore remembered hearing the playback and they knew they had something new and different, but they didn’t know what to call it. He was quoted as saying, “Good God. they’ll run us out of town when they hear it.”

The song was originally written and performed by Arthur Crudup in 1946 as “That’s All Right, Mama”. Elvis released his recording on July 19th, 1954 with ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky” as the B-side.

This was Elvis’ 3rd or 4th visit to Sun Studios. He had been there earlier in the summer of 1953 to make a recording for his mother and recorded “My Happiness”

Here’s a great live recording from The Louisiana Hayride just 90-some days after the record was released. It includes “That’s All Right” and the B-side of “Blue Moon of Kentucky”.


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