Smiths Guitarist on Inception Soundtrack

I was one of the many who went out to see Inception its first weekend out at the box office and I thought it was great.  Not only that, it had an equally compelling score to match the movie’s plot about persons who have learned to share their dreams with others to extract and plant information from a subject’s brain. Yikes that sounds geeky when you put it like that, but Director Christopher Nolan, best known for the Dark Knight has made the best movie of the summer so far, in my measly opinion.

The soundtrack — released  about a week ago — features 12 compositions from German composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, and The Dark Knight). I knew there had to be a reason I liked the soundtrack and it turns out one of my favorite guitar players, Johnny Marr of the Smiths, contributed as well, infusing synths to the very electronic score. Dreamy and well done.


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