I Really Want to See….

It’s no secret that I spend more than a few nights in venues where they specialize in the live music. Last week alone I saw four shows. So, the list of musical acts that I could conceivably see (ie. NOT: The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc.) has gradually diminished over the years to where there are few I haven’t seen that I really really really want to see. Perhaps the top of that list is occupied by the inimitable Dead Can Dance. I first encountered them in high school in the early 90s and have been entranced by their otherworldly presence ever since. While they aren’t currently making records, Lisa Gerrard has busied herself with a no-doubt-lucrative career scoring films and Brendan Perry recently hinted at the possibility of a reunion. All I can say to that is….I. Can’t. Hardly. Wait.  Below is a video clip that may show you why I am of the opinion that seeing them live would likely be a transcendent experience. What shows have you missed out on so far that top your list?




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