From Village Voice weekly music newsletter…

It’s the Arcade Fire’s world…we are just livin’ in it!

Arcade Fire stopped by Madison Square Garden to play two enormous shows, host a monumental YouTube event, hit the Billboard top spot and make the word “indie” seem even more ridiculous. And the ripple effect was felt all throughout our humble city! Firstly, James Murphy, who had supposedly retired LCD Soundsystem, seemed somewhat rejuvenated by the band, as evidenced by a Tweet that read, “psyched 2 see @arcadefire tonite. miss those folks. such a good lp. a kick in the ass. maybe lcd need to make another one after all….” Wow, who said Canada never did anything for us? Next up, indie rock’s victory lap was rounded out by SOTC faves and nearly-New-Yorkers Titus Andronics making an equally triumphant TV debut on Jimmy Fallon. It’s a big moment for people that generally don’t want their music to have big moments!

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