Cell Phone Videos at Concerts: Yea or Nay?

Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Journal today leads with a story on cell phone cameras at concerts and the divide they’re creating among artists and among fans. Worth a read.

The money quote comes from Chris Robinson, who opines: “As a band we’ve been trying to string together these moments, the kind of moments I’ve had as a music fan that have blown my mind. That’s not happening when you’re texting or checking your f—ing fantasy league stats. I personally think you should be too high to operate a machine at our concerts.”

Bong hits notwithstanding, I’m on his side. While I occasionally will snap a picture or two (mostly to post on this site), I don’t get taking video of an entire song. Why? So you can relive the memory later? But if you’re worried about taking the video of your favorite song, you’re not even making that memory to begin with.

To me, this is yet another fault line between the rude concertgoers and everyone else. The people who carry on whole conversations during shows and the people who don’t. The people who try to start a mosh pit at a Drive By Truckers show and the people who don’t.

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