Bob Mould guests on new Foo Fighters

I’m a big Husker Du fan, needless to say I can’ t wait to hear this! From Q:

You’ve talked this record up as the heaviest-sounding Foo Fighters album yet…

It is. There’s a song called A Matter Of Time, which is one of the sweetest melodies I’ve ever written, but it has one of the heaviest riffs. Then there’s a song called White Limo, which has such a badass riff it’s fucking insane. It makes you want to break into someone’s car and steal their stereo. There’s a song called These Days, which I think might be the best song I’ve ever written. Also, we had Bob Mould from Husker Du come down and sing on a song with me called Dear Rosemary. It sounds like Bob and I wrote a song for Husker Du 20 years ago and the Foo Fighters are covering it.

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