Punk Rock Bliss.

Face to Face is definitely one of my favorite bands ever, if not my favorite. Punk rock. Lyrics that actually mean something. Lyrics that actually say something positive. A live show that will rip your life from its inherent inertia and lethargy and knock you around like a shuttlecock until your mind has been purged of everything other than what is directly in front of you in the here and now. That’s right, no more Luke Skywalker Syndrome. Call it catharsis.

I’ve loved these guys, in all iterations, for 20 years. I love them best as a four-piece, but dang it if I haven’t loved every moment I’ve ever spent with them those past 20 years. I cannot begin to express how roused up I am to see them this upcoming weekend as they pass down the Atlantic Seaboard, and I cannot express how strongly I feel that anyone who likes the punk rock should go to see this show unless they want to hang up their spurs forever. And I mean hang them up high.

What I can express: they put on a legendarily kinetic show that is not to be missed. 20 years in, I’m not sure if it will be quite as kinetic as it was when I first saw it around ’93/’94, but I’m sure it will Rock the Casbah. Run, don’t walk.





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