Summer Song of the Week

Sloan has been kicking out the jams for 20 years, (I was first coaxed and cajoled by their live show in the early ’90s in Buffalo, NY), and their most recent release, “The Double Cross”, rediscovers some of the vitality that had become more sporadic on recent releases. Their live shows have never suffered from any hint of lethargy, and that tradition continues unabated as they rip up clubs around North America on their XX anniversary tour. In short, go see it (more shows have been pre-announced than are on the site, so keep checking back).

In particular, the track “Unkind” re-captures their uniquely Canadian manner of melding catchy pop riffs and timing with wistful lamentations. There’s no whining here, and the Brit Pop influences of Queen and The Beatles are clearly evident in their music.

Go ahead, try to not tap your foot to this one.


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