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Bjork is back

Bjork is back with her first new album since 2007.

from the Guardian:

This ground-breaking album is probably best experienced as a series of apps, in which the user part-composes the songs by waving their iPad around. Really, an album review can’t do justice to the three years of interdisciplinary brain-bumping that went on between Björk, programmers, app guys, instrument-crafters, film-maker Michel Gondry, David Attenborough andNational Geographic magazine to create a work that celebrates the wonder of the planet and of human ingenuity.

But does it work as an album of, y’know, songs? Hell, yeah. Those of us accustomed to the nice, safe, regular shapes of music, worked out in multiples of four bars, might well have found some of Björk’s endeavours a little irregular for some time now. The midsection of Biophilia is pretty forbidding, too. “Hollow”, for one, is a troll-hunting soundtrack rich with horror-film organ sounds, demonic choir and an irruption of hard dancefloor digitals.

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